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  1. Physical therapy aide worked well for me. No certification or anything. I volunteered a lot in college because it was easier than having a job. I volunteered with hospice on my own time, which made it less stressful than having a rigid work schedule. If I could go back, I would be more involved in my schools pre-pa club. I think that looks great on an application, especially if you can get on the board. Good luck!
  2. The more the merrier! I applied to as many as I could afford.
  3. Honestly, just apply. I did NOT think I was going to get in, and I ended up getting in. The worst you could is get denied. I think it’s worth taking a chance!
  4. I am not tied down, just worries about money! Thank you so much for all the information. Soooo helpful. I wish you luck with the rest of school!
  5. You have so much on your plate to begin with!! Do you believe it sets you behind? Losing a couple hours a day? I’m nervous that I will lose those hours since my form of studying is more repetitive and writing. Do you wish you were able to move closer? Thanks so much for the perspective!
  6. So true! Especially when you put it that way.
  7. Thank you so much for the info!!
  8. Thanks so much for the input. I’m really leaning toward living closer, exactly for the reasons you stated. Just nervous about the money because where I am going to school there is NO rent less than 1500 a month. Did you also feel it was Important to live close during clinical rotations?
  9. How did current PA students deal with an over an hour commute? Starting PA school and wanted to see if it was a struggle for anyone. My ride would be an hour and half, and wanted to know if this would put me at a disadvantage. The rent is SO expensive around the school. Any advice is helpful. Thank you!
  10. I was a dental hygiene assistant for a few months and I put it as PCE. I was directly involved with the patients and assisted in cleanings
  11. I applied to six schools and only heard from 3, I just assumed I was rejected as well. I think some schools don’t send out any rejection letters and just assume you understand your not invited lol. I also would look up schools on this forum and could see how many people got interviews or accepted
  12. I had a zoom interview and it went well. As long as you have a working computer with video and audio, it's pretty similar to an actual interview. I did think I would be less nervous, but I was NOT!! The only downfall for online interviews is there is sometimes a delay with technology. So it can get awkward if you and the interview start speaking at the same time. Anyway, I would prepare how you normally would and practice out your questions. I think really nailing the "tell me about yourself" question sets a good trail for the rest of the interview. Also there are some great YouTube videos tha
  13. I am working as a PT aide. Counts as patient care hours, easy to get into, and bad pay. Just have to explain to schools why you want to do PA rather then PT.
  14. I played a college sport also, therefore I faced the same problem as you. During my summers I focused on gaining my volunteer and shadowing hours. I am currently taking my gap year and have a job as physical therapy aide. I really enjoy the job and it was very easy to adapt to considering I have done half the exercises during my own time as an athlete.
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