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  1. Just got the email about the Kira assessment. I guess it can be done on our own time as long as it is before midnight March 21st. Anyone familiar with Kira?
  2. Got my invitation to interview as well. Does anyone know when they are expecting to do the interviews?
  3. I noticed that too. I am guessing they are behind this year, their deadlines for applications are also later. In an email they sent in November they stated they will be contacting us no later than March 1st so hopefully soon we will hear back.
  4. Was accepted yesterday off the waitlist for the Grand Rapids location! Very excited. Keep hope if you are on the waitlist
  5. Got accepted from the 11/30 interview! Got the call yesterday. Couldn’t believe it. Is there a Facebook group created?
  6. When did they say early decision should hear back by? Was it end of December?
  7. I never got an email or call regarding my status. Has anyone else had this problem? I just received an email yesterday that said WSU was having technical difficulties.
  8. Hi there! I received this as well and thought the same thing.
  9. I received my acceptance today as well! Feels unreal. I had to read the email five times lol.
  10. It was a very long interview! I found it challenging trying not to repeat myself.
  11. Hi everyone, I also was waitlisted today. staying hopeful! Congrats to everyone who got in.
  12. Congrats! I received an invite as well. I am not sure of their interview format either.
  13. Does anyone know when we can expect interview invites?
  14. I got waitlisted today too. Trying to be positive!
  15. Hi Everyone! Can anyone share the interview format? Is it MMI or more like a conversation or mix? I received my invite for October 23rd. Good luck to all!
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