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  1. hey everyone! I applied last week, I know I am late this cycle but just recently found out about this program. I received an email about my prereq GPA after submitting my CASPA but have not received a file score after submitting my supplemental app and GRE scores. Can anyone provide some insight on how the process works?
  2. Hello everyone! I just recently applied as I live in Michigan and started to look out of state for programs! I seem to have a low file score so I am not sure if I will receive an interview but I am hopeful! Good luck to everyone!
  3. From what they told me, they already have selected the applicants for the next in-person interviews. Im not sure if they have informed them yet or not, but they let me know that I was not on that list.
  4. I contacted CMU today and was notified that they have finalized the list for the in person interviews and that I am not going to be receiving one. Good luck to those interviewing or that have already interviewed!
  5. Congrats to everyone who was accepted!! I'm so excited and happy for you all! Has anyone heard about the next set of interviews yet?
  6. Congrats to those who got in person interviews! if you don't mind, could you share your stats?
  7. Me too! I was reading the forums from previous years and it looks like people were already getting acceptances at this point!
  8. Got an email today that my application is being screened! hopefully we hear about interviews soon!
  9. Has anyone heard about the in person interviews yet?
  10. Hi! I also interviewed on 9/11 and have not heard anything back yet! I was told that I would hear back within a week or two when I interviewed so I am hoping we will hear back this week! So anxious!
  11. Hello everyone! I am a current CMU student and just received an interview for this Friday so they are still in the initial interviews with CMU students. I was told it will be a 15 minute webex interview. Hope this helps! I am also curious how everyone did on the PA-CAT? I received a 541 and am still unsure if this is a good score or not.
  12. Hello everyone! I am a CMU student and received an interview for this Friday so it seems that they are still doing the initial interviews for CMU students. I was told they are a 15 minute zoom interview. Good luck everyone! Also, I am curious how everyone did on the PA-CAT? I scored a 541 and am still unsure on if this is a good score or not.
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