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  1. I was just accepted off the waitlist!!! SO EXCITED!!!! Good luck everyone!
  2. Don't lose hope! I believe their admissions committee meets once a month.
  3. Just wanted to hop on here and say that I was accepted post 10/6 interview and made a really tough decision to give up my seat for a program closer to home. I really liked this program and wanted to give some hope to those of you who were waitlisted/still waiting. I know the wait can be grueling. Good luck to you all!!
  4. Congrats everyone! Looking forward to meeting tomorrow Has anyone received any additional interview details/links yet? Just want to make sure I didn't miss anything!
  5. Agreed. It was great interview experience and wishing everyone all the best! Good luck all!
  6. Congrats guys and good luck! I'll be interviewing Oct 6th as well Let me know if you'd be interested in a virtual meet up the weekend prior to the interview. I'd be happy to set one up. Hope those who are still waiting will hear some good news soon!
  7. I just edited a photo I already had using the measuring app on my iPhone
  8. I just signed up for the December 11th date as well! Looking forward to potentially meeting!
  9. Definitely nervous, but also excited! I've grown up in Bothell, WA and went to UW Seattle for undergrad. This is my first time applying. Looking forward to connecting with you all! I second the Zoom idea
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