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  1. Congrats on your interview! Would you mind sharing stats?
  2. @golde1313 Wait they only do one day of interviews? Isn't that like 100 candidates all on the same day? How do they chose applicants with so many on one day?
  3. Has anyone gotten an email confirming the application was received?
  4. I submitted my application on July 28th because I had to finish a medical terminology course prior to submitting my application. I have yet to receive any news from them other than a confirmation email. Anyone else here apply right before the August 1 deadline and heard back? I am hoping that it just takes longer, cause I see people who applied May and June who just got their supplemental in July. I was also under the impression this school was non rolling. Doesn't that mean they dont look at apps till after the deadline?
  5. @ARLPrePA Do you know if the interviews October-November are virtual or in person? I see conflicting information on the website and emails I received.
  6. @TinaH Hi! I was wondering how long it took you to hear back from West Chester? I submitted by app mid July but have received no emails back regarding whether they received my application. Also, I emailed them with some questions and also got no response. What did the timeline look for you hearing back from them?
  7. What is the program overview? I hears Salus holds two day interviews where there is an information session to attend on Monday in addition to the scheduled interview date. But I have not received much information regarding this. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Does anyone here know if Salus accepts AP credit?
  9. Does anyone know if Salus University accepts AP credit towards the Biology 1 requirement?
  10. Hi! I was wondering if DeSales has a cut off for the gre? I was looking for program statistics or more info and I could not find anything.
  11. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I paid my supp. fee however my account is the same. It still says they are waiting for my letters of rec? Should I email them?
  12. Okay that makes sense. I'll be honest I was not keen on having to pay for and take another exam but I will study for the PA-CAT for a few weeks and just get it out of the way. I see that SEU has two supp essays. How did you approach them? Especially the social justice question?
  13. I guess the PA-CAT is throwing me in for a loop because on the website it says that they will not look at PA-CAT scores until after the interviews. Basically in order to pick applicants for interview purposes they will not consider PA-CAT scores, if that makes sense. However my confusion is say I interview and everything went well but my PA-CAT scores are lower than the average of other interviewees, does that mean I will not be selected? How much does the PA-CAT matter? Also thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I would love to pm you further on stats for the program. Thanks!
  14. Ahh okay, I think I was looking at the webpage from last year. Thanks!
  15. Congrats on your interview and wishing you all best. I was confused with interview dates and was hoping you could give some insight. Are there interview dates spread throughout the summer for Upitt? I though they only have four interview days? The next two are September and November based on the program's website but are they not adhering to these dates?
  16. Thank you so much for this update. I was so confused cause it seemed like they were asking for letters of rec, and essay and cv but I was like it's already on caspa, if i resend the info it may become redundant.
  17. I have the same questions. Thanks for offering to answer questions. Right now I am very curious about how they are weighting the PA-CAT @mandyq
  18. What is a capstone? And are resumes, essays good to add on? It says optional but is it something they really want? What about letters of rec? Did you need to resend those in?
  19. Hello. I was wondering if anyone here has taken BYU's medical terminology class? I am just curious about the class. Please PM me.
  20. Wait so you submitted your app without sending them the pa-cat score? I thought all materials had to be sent in together.
  21. I saw they are requiring the PA-Cat. How was it for you? And do you know how much it is factored into admissions? Apparently they will not look at the scores for interview selection but will they after to figure out who they want to select into the class from interviews?
  22. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately that course is not available to me due to state enrollment restrictions. That was actually my first choice.
  23. Anyone take the BYU medical terminology course? How was the class? Did your pa programs accept the course? Or should I take portage? Which will be faster if I wanna get it done in 2 weeks?
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