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  1. Got my rejection as well. Good luck everyone and congrats to those accepted! @deepriver About the waitlist, what I remember is that they would have 40 on the list and reconvene when spots open. Which I took to mean that they’d review applicants for fit again based on what the class looks like. I’m unsure how often they’d reconvene though.
  2. Did you have any trouble having signed up for both? I put myself on waitlist for a late nov date. If you didn’t get that oct 9 date, maybe check out the options again, I was able to get a spot for dec.
  3. They have one more interview date. I think they said for next Tuesday if I remember correctly
  4. Aw man, sorry about that! I signed up for 7 too. Yeah hopefully you’ll get that squared away soon!
  5. Same cycle. Idk specifics honestly. I can ask the person though!
  6. just got my rejection too, but hopeful about other programs! I want to add that I had a friend last year who got an interview invite after being rejected! I assume from those who declined. stay positive! If not this year (if not this program), your time will come! It’s a numbers game!
  7. If I remember correctly, I think they said 2-4 weeks.
  8. Makes sense. Well at least we’re cut off early and won’t have to be in limbo long haha
  9. Yep. But I guess I’m speculating from my experience too. Second time applicant but first time getting interviews. Ive had other interview invites (from Rolling and non-Rolling schools) and they’ve all sent invites in waves. About 10-14 days prior to the scheduled date. I’ll add that since they are a non-Rolling school (And already have their dates on their site) I bet they’ll send out invites with a date assigned and any extenuating circumstances will be dealt with. any current students know exactly how they’ll send invites??
  10. @YafiZayyat thanks for the info!! just wanted to add the interview dates posted on their site! If we don’t hear for the first round, stay positive there are more! Good luck everyone! Nov 9, 13, 16, 20
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