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  1. Hi, future Bulls! I received an interview invite on 10/15 but did not accept since I’ve already accepted a seat at my top choice school and dual program. As a USF alum, I can tell you that USF Health is on the rise and produce incredible providers. Best of luck to you all! I hope this opens an interview spot for someone else. Best, Mallory
  2. Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow!! Be yourself and have fun!! The interview process is very well laid out and the faculty are all so welcoming.
  3. I interviewed for dual MPH/PA and the interview is with dual and traditional programs applicants! The only difference is during the one on one interview there is someone from the school of public health (or clinical research for that program) along with someone from the PA school.
  4. No prob! I was replying to @sam816 ‘a question. Trying to offer any insight I have to navigate this confusing time when everything is virtual and often vague!
  5. When asked during my interview date (9/14), they said they were planning on interviewing through October. The seats offered aren’t locked in until a deposit is placed and people can still turn away the offer.
  6. Just got the acceptance call a little after 5pm eastern time for the MPH/MPAP program! So excited No email yet, just a call. Can’t wait to meet some of you and best of luck. Everything will fall into place as it should!
  7. Hey all! I interviewed on 9/14 and am still waiting to hear back. The interview group before 9/14 had until today (9/22) for their deposit if I remember correctly from someone else’s post on here. I’m thinking that emails may be delayed until after today so the committee can determine how many open seats they have left (Who put the deposit and who did not). Just a theory from someone who is anxiously awaiting with you and is lacking patience!
  8. Hi everyone! Just wishing everyone good luck and good vibes going into this next week when we hopefully hear from the admissions committee! Interviewing with CU was an awesome experience and I loved getting to know some of you! Just remember that everyone’s journey is different, and everything happens for a reason.
  9. You’re not alone! I’ll post here as soon as I hear anything! I am not being very patient
  10. Nope! Last interview day heard the Friday after and Tuesday after (because Monday was labor day). I know... longest few days ever!
  11. Congrats everyone! Interview invite for next Monday PA/MPH. Any advice for the dual program?
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