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  1. I was recently accepted off of the alternate list this past week; I just submitted my deposit and am very excited to start and meet everyone this June!!
  2. Congrats to everyone who’s been accepted so far!! Has anyone else received any calls today? Maybe from other interview dates?
  3. I also interviewed on 11/5 and received notification of being added to the "alternate list" as well
  4. Nothing yet; I'm assuming they meant 3 days from the deadline to respond (12/6)
  5. Has anyone recently received an email in regards to being added back to the waitlist because 2 spots opened up?
  6. Nothing yet; I'm assuming because of the holiday, they may have been behind. Hopefully we all hear back soon!
  7. Same!! Received an interview invite, super excited and hope to meet some of you!
  8. I’m also in the same boat. Trying to keep positive, and trying to keep in mind that no news is good news
  9. Hi! I believe that they have a very holistic approach when it comes viewing applications, so I wouldn't stress about it until absolutely necessary!
  10. Definitely possible... I was part of that as well, unfortunately! I received a "reminder" email from them shortly after receiving notification that everything was received in their office (even though, I had previously received that email back in May). I am also scheduled for November 5th; this is also my top choice school, as well! Good luck!
  11. Did you choose November 5th? Or is that what the email told you? I received something similar, initially, but I chose my date. Not sure if you had the same experience?
  12. I'm in the same boat... I received a completed pre-req review email on 6/08 and have not heard since!
  13. No, of course! I completely agree - specifics are definitely not appropriate. I was more curious about format than specifics, but I fully understand! Thank you, and best of luck to you as well! Did they mention approximately how long it would be until you hear back from them regarding a decision?
  14. Congrats on the interview! Were the questions typical general interview questions? Or were they more along the lines of MMI, following their “usual” interview style?
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