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  1. Just a reminder to all of you: I applied here mid summer, didn’t get an interview until late in the cycle and didn’t get a call back with my acceptance until 2+ months later. We have a classmate that didn’t get a call back until late February/March, 2-3 months before school started. This happens at MANY of these schools! Patience! This is a very stressful time for all of you and there is no point in bringing yourself down when the process is JUST starting. best of luck!
  2. Hey Pre-PA’s! I’m a current PA-S at Northwestern and I just wanted to wish you all good luck! I remember being on here in the past, nervously waiting for my interview day and then waiting an additional 2 months to finally get a call back offering me a spot. Just be patient, be yourself during the interviews, you’ve worked your butts off to get to this point - it’s all worth it, I promise. Feinberg Med and Chicago are worth the hype. Good luck to you all! We were all there at one point writing endless essays, going to many interviews and working long days acquiring our PCE. We all understand the struggle, just keep your head up high and your time will come too!
  3. I just withdrew my acceptance last week and have known of others to have recently withdrawn too. There are more calls coming for sure! Just gotta stay positive. Best of luck!
  4. Just to clarify - you applied to the MD program and not the PA program, correct? I don’t think many of us here in this PA forum are aware of how the 7-year BS/MD process at CUNY CSOM works. But regardless - no, virtually all MD programs require an interview as well before any acceptance. This means that you needed to be invited to interview for this to happen. There is a very very slim chance that anyone would be accepted into an MD/DO program without an interview.
  5. Also offered an interview yesterday! Applied a long time ago lol I think 8/2020
  6. Nah that’s not true! I interviewed on 11/17 and just got a call back last week. I could’ve said the exact same thing 10 days ago. Patience is key right now, you never know where you may stand just as I did. This is a difficult and strenuous process, just have a little bit of hope! I know that the PA program from where I got my undergrad called people off the waitlist last year right up until 2 weeks before classes started and many more do the same.
  7. Just got a call today! Was just accepted. Interviewed on 11/17.
  8. Hey does anyone know how long they said that they should reach out to us by after we interviewed? Is it 1 week/2 weeks? I interviewed on 11/17 for reference! Forgot what timeline they mentioned.
  9. Ahhhhh!!!! Just got a call, accepted to start next year! Interviewed on 11/3!
  10. I would not suggest it as requests for interviews will go on until mid-December! I got my interview email only days prior to the actual interview date. Gotta be patient with these!
  11. I got into top 10/20 programs already and was just rejected from my bottom 2 programs this week without interview lol Speaking of also just got an invite to complete the supplemental app for Touro! Submitted my initial app for Touro Late July/Early August.
  12. Also just received an interview invite for the 17th!!! Ahhhh good luck everyone!!!
  13. Just got an invite to interview email today! Apparently interviews will go on until mid-December so we’re all still in the game.
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