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  1. Hey does anyone know how long they said that they should reach out to us by after we interviewed? Is it 1 week/2 weeks? I interviewed on 11/17 for reference! Forgot what timeline they mentioned.
  2. Ahhhhh!!!! Just got a call, accepted to start next year! Interviewed on 11/3!
  3. I would not suggest it as requests for interviews will go on until mid-December! I got my interview email only days prior to the actual interview date. Gotta be patient with these!
  4. I got into top 10/20 programs already and was just rejected from my bottom 2 programs this week without interview lol Speaking of also just got an invite to complete the supplemental app for Touro! Submitted my initial app for Touro Late July/Early August.
  5. Same! It was a PhD and a PA with a very quiet guy right?
  6. Also just received an interview invite for the 17th!!! Ahhhh good luck everyone!!!
  7. Just got an invite to interview email today! Apparently interviews will go on until mid-December so we’re all still in the game.
  8. Also just got my formal acceptance email and submitted my deposit! I’ll be glad to start a class of 2023 Facebook group! https://m.facebook.com/groups/829661971177654?_rdr
  9. Not yet! I’m assuming that we should hear back by this week since it’ll be the 2 week mark for some of us.
  10. I’m super curious where I stand here after having received that “moved onto the next round of screening” TWICE lol is there a rhyme or reason to how they invite people for interviews? I’ve heard of people getting rejected as well, people that applied well after me in August (I applied in mid July). Would anyone be able to share their timeline?
  11. Well I just withdrew my acceptance for the class of ‘23 so hopefully it opens up a spot to one of you that are waitlisted here! Best of luck to you all.
  12. Don’t jump to any conclusions yet! We don’t know how many people they accepted so far and even if you happen to be waitlisted, you still have a good chance. I withdrew my acceptance to another school to attend this one and opened up a spot for the other school. Same will happen for this program!
  13. Thank you! Just give it time, they said it should be 2-4 weeks from what other people here said but it was only 1 for me for some reason but all PA programs are sporadic in their decisions. Technically, if this timeline is true you should still start hearing back latest by mid November! Keep your head up! You guys got this!!!
  14. I started off at a Community College then transferred out, took most of my upper levels at a 4-year institution and virtually none online.
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