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  1. If you could get a letter from someone else, you would. Keep trying, though. However, since it sounds like this is all you can get, I wouldn't worry to much about it. Make sure they are good, and hopefully you are selecting people that are well spoken and can write well. Since the alternative is to not apply until you can get different LORs, and that's not a viable option, like dphy83 said: "just roll with it". Before PA school, we are told over and over again, it doesn't matter who writes it but what it says about you. Fingers crossed and good luck.
  2. To give you a reference (in case you don't have one so far). If, say, a school has a tuition of 80K (that's an average tuition at private schools), when all said and done, between tuition money, money you borrow for living expenses, and interest rates, you'll end up paying back about 200K. That's the cost of a very decent house in some parts of the country. But you won't have 30 years to pay that back, only 10 years. Ideally, you want to pay those back sooner than 10 years. If you still have undergrad loans you can see how that complicates matters even more. For anyone else reading this post, PSA: the federal government will let you borrow enough to live a very comfortable life style while in PA school. Because they know that the vast majority of people will graduate and will become PA-C and will make a decent paycheck, and the federal government cannot wait for those bills come due.
  3. Thank you both for your replies. All the program mentioned seem to be 18 month. Is that a coincidence?
  4. There are a lot of EM Residency out there, and it is difficult to sort through which ones are legit. With the understanding that there is no such thing as perfect.... If you have personally attended an EM residency, please list it below and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Feel free to elaborate if you wish. Thank you!
  5. Look for classes at a Community College. It will be hard to find all your science classes online (those have labs) and then schools that accept online science with online lab, and those classes are expensive. We're talking $1000-%1500 a class.
  6. I would not chose the school based on the criteria you stated above. I would chose based on how you assess their ability to provide you with clinical rotations. COVID was a game changer, and even bigger schools are having trouble placing their students on rotations. Some rotations have moved partially or totally online. Weird, right?! Another thing not to be overlooked is price. The cost of attendance and the financial burden is often underestimated. In the grand scheme of things, will a few months make a difference? Only you can answer that for yourself.
  7. Thank you! The fact that I can't find a website with details, a curriculum, all raised red flags. Unfortunately, I call Austin home and I wanted to go home. It seems that I'll be on the road for another year (that's the unfortunate part).
  8. Does anyone know anything about this EM Fellowship? It's in Austin, TX. I can't seem to find out anything about them, cannot find link to a curriculum.... They are listed on the APPAP website, but I don't think that means anything. If anyone is currently attending or has attended this program, please reply here, or feel free to DM me. Any information is welcomed.
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