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  1. Hey! I'm sorry to be responding to your post almost 3 years later, but I'm wondering if you would be able to help me find an IR rotation? I'm currently a PA student and start clinical rotations in March 2022. I'm very interested in IR, and I'm having a hard time finding a rotation. If you have time, would you be able to help me? If you can't for whatever reason, that's completely okay, I just thought I'd exhaust my resources!
  2. Hey! I know I'm replying a couple years after your post, but I'm also interested in moving to NJ after I graduate PA school. I'm almost done with my second semester of didactic year and will start clinical rotations in March 2022. Did you ever happen to find an IR rotation in the NYC/NJ area? If you did would you be able to help me set up a rotation? I would be very grateful for any assistance, please let me know!
  3. I received an email today offering me a seat in the class! I'm stressed about the late notice, but does anyone have any suggestions for housing near campus? I'm really excited to meet everyone, and it seems like they're still filling in the seats, so don't give up quite yet!
  4. My interview is on 9/10 too! I’m so nervous I’ve been digging through the internet to understand the format and I haven’t had any luck. I want to know what we’ll be doing all day!
  5. Hello! I know this post was years ago and things may have changed between then and now, but I’m very nervous for my interview. Am I correct in thinking that AU uses a group interview style? And this year the interviews are virtual! Do you have any advice?
  6. I have my interview on 9/10 as well! I’m nervous about how long it is..?! But good luck to you too!
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