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  1. I gave up my seat yesterday! Hope one of you gets off the waitlist soon
  2. I did the spark hire interview on 1/9 and did my faculty interview 1/15, but have not heard back about an admissions decision yet
  3. Yes, they called me around 430 PM! Thank you for your input. Good luck to you
  4. Hi everyone! I just got accepted from today’s interview! I was wondering if there is an accepted students’ page on Facebook? LMK
  5. I interviewed on November 18 and my interviewer said hopefully before thanksgiving if not the week after, so crossing my fingers that we hear something tomorrow!
  6. just got an interview for January 30! I submitted early august.
  7. I found this on facebook. It looks like Tyson is monitoring the page. Not sure if you need to pay your deposit to be accepted into the facebook group, but I requested to join anyway. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/598070310799008/
  8. Also wondering about a Facebook page for accepted students!!!
  9. I also got accepted from Halloween interview morning!!
  10. Is anyone else still waiting for an interview date for the MPH/MMS dual program? I got an email 2 weeks ago saying that they were going to start sending out interview dates, but I have yet to receive one!
  11. Today's interview was great! Did anyone interview in Group 2 and catch the names of the interviewers? I am having trouble finding them on Rutgers' PA faculty page! Thanks for your help
  12. I think they mentioned that we should hear back within one month!
  13. Did anyone who has been told that they are interviewing for the MPH/PA program not get their interview date & time yet? I'm hoping I am not the only one
  14. I also got an interview for morning group A! Excited to meet you all soon!
  15. I think we are all still waiting for the interview to be scheduled for the dual degree program. I am assuming we will interview after Arcadia has interviewed all selected candidates for the 2021 class.
  16. Hi! I just received an email saying “Your application is under the review of the Admissions Committee, and we have selected you to move on to the next round of screening. This does not require any action on your part. We do not have any further update for you at this time.” For those of your who have interviewed, does this email mean that I will be interviewing, or does it mean that they are still reviewing my application? Thanks!
  17. Same here. I got an email from graduate admissions the following week basically saying “thank you for your interest in our MPH program” but have not yet received word on the interview. I know they mentioned in the original interview email that they are planning for a fall interview, so I’m hopeful we will hear something soon!
  18. Hi! Has anyone received an interview date for the dual MPH/MMS program yet? LMK
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