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  1. withdrew a couple days ago, best of luck to those waiting!
  2. turned down my spot, best of luck to those waiting!!
  3. released a spot for this program, good luck to those waiting :]
  4. Just got the acceptance call!!! I’m on a cloud Best of luck to those waiting by the phone and the ones interviewing next week. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the class
  5. Anyone on today’s meet & greet waiting for the host to let you in? Hope it’s not just me
  6. Call came in about 30 min ago!! Congrats to the rest that got an acceptance and good luck to the ones waiting by the phone
  7. yup, the structured questions were a bit uncomfortable, brief and not very conversational - wonder how long till we hear from them.
  8. same!! I did it twice because I thought it didn't go through the first time -_-
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