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  1. You should email Justin (jmcmanus@pace.edu) he's the admissions person he'll help
  2. Nope couldn't find one. Maybe we should start one? I don't use Facebook very much these days but I can try to do it.
  3. Nothing definitive but when we spoke with current didactic students they said they were hoping to be in the classroom starting next semester. So if that's the case it would be looking good for 2021. I guess it all depends on NY's numbers.
  4. Yes I hope everything goes well for you!! Thank you very much
  5. I also got a phone call acceptance from the interview today! What an incredible experience. Congrats to you!
  6. I emailed yesterday and actually just got a response. Same link works for the interview and info session! Good luck to you! See you tomorrow virtually
  7. Any update about this? My interview is tomorrow and I don’t want to miss the overview!
  8. I've seen on the forums from previous years that they have sent out a second batch of interview invites. Not sure if it happens every year, but people were invited later on.
  9. Thank you! Yes of course- overall science GPA: 3.98 overall undergraduate GPA: 3.91 3600 patient care hours as a MA 200 hrs volunteer not sure what else would be helpful!
  10. I submitted CASPA last minute (August 31st) and received the email from Pace on September 1st that it was under review
  11. Got the interview invite!! Scheduled for September 21st. Good luck to everyone
  12. I’ve been thinking the same thing! 2 years ago it was sept. 7th so hopefully by Monday :))
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