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  1. Does anyone know if the current class is doing the program remotely or in person? Because I know some schools have completely moved their program to remote learning until further notice, I was just wondering if anyone has information about Stanford's PA program.
  2. @Nlimo Looks like that wasn't updated because it also says that interviews will be done in person. If they do mention when interviews will be going until please keep us updated. I wish you all the best with upcoming interviews.
  3. Was there a priority decision code that you used when submitting your secondary application to NAU?
  4. @RR2020 @biopsyd Good luck guys! When did you submit your application?
  5. @vlam17 Did they mention until when they would do/send out interviews? Does it end right before Thanksgiving?
  6. I also applied in May/June and haven't heard anything back :( From the forum so far it looks like people who got interviews applied in August. Has anyone applied in May/June and received an interview?
  7. For those who received interviews, when did you guys apply? Is NAU rolling basis?
  8. Okay awesome, thank you! By basic questions I mean questions like: why PA and etc. Some schools ask challenging questions related to the healthcare system.
  9. For those who have interviewed, was it just 1 interview or multiple interviews? Also, how is the interview? Are they basic questions?
  10. Good luck to everyone with interviews on Monday. Wishing you all the best!
  11. I thought we would start hearing something by last week, does anyone know when interview invites were sent out last cycle?
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