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  1. I messaged back too soon. I just received an email to interview on November 5th via zoom. Good luck!
  2. Nope... I read after I took the CASPer that it normally takes 2-3 weeks to get results so I think they may be waiting for the results before the zoom interview
  3. Have you checked your spam folder?? If you haven’t heard from them and you applied in May, maybe send an email or call them? They should send an email stating they got your application at least.
  4. Has anyone else been accepted? I haven’t heard anything either...
  5. Lol 7-14 business days maybe?... today is 12 business days..
  6. I’m hoping they are just taking their time cause everything was online They are trying to make the best decision and will accept us all I’m sure!
  7. So I’ve never heard of the Sort Smart thing we have to do... does anybody know if this is something we are supposed to dress up for? What kinds of questions are asked? Will the school see our answers or just a score? Does anybody know how long this test is, I see that it’s 15 questions but it doesn’t say how long it’ll take... Ive also heard of the CASPR test and have a general idea of what it is. Any tips are appreciated... who else is moving forward in this interview process?
  8. I’m pretty sure they said 1-2 weeks during the interview... not sure why we haven’t heard anything, but I really hope we hear something early next week. I don’t know about anybody else, but I kept checking my phone every two seconds to see if I had a missed call LOL
  9. I’m hoping we all hear back today... they mentioned during the interview that we would hear back in 1-2 weeks and today is 2 weeks... crossing fingers!
  10. I interviewed the first round. No word yet on if I have been accepted or not. For those about to interview, you can expect a few presentations on financial aid, the program in general, diversity, and mental health. You will be placed into groups of five or six people and asked questions one at a time. Then you will have your individual interview at the end of the day.
  11. Not yet, I check this channel every day to see if anybody has LOL it’ll probably be sometime this week or early next week I would think
  12. From what I’ve read of other application cycles, we should hear back 1-2 weeks after the interview.
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