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  1. Hi everyone! Just got accepted from 3/4 interview!! I can’t believe it! I am trying to get into the accepted students facebook group - hoping that someone will allow me in!
  2. Yes I am also wondering the same thing! Would anyone mind sharing how their experience for the interview was?
  3. I have another question I’m sorry. When you were sent the email with the zoom link for the interview was it to your personal email? I was told something about an e-mail through caspa. I am confused.
  4. aw thats great! thanks for your answer and good luck to you as well
  5. Hey congrats! how was the interview?! Mine is coming up!
  6. oh wow ok thanks for answering . Was it a difficult interview?
  7. Hi! Congrats! I got an email from them saying that I got an interview and that they will let me know when it is soon.. how much notice before the interview did they give you? I’m hoping they wont let me know about an interview that is the next day or something
  8. same boat here... I’m pretty sure they are full though as of now
  9. they will im sure but i think its just a bad time with covid and all
  10. I got an email from them after saying that they havent forgotten about me basically and that theyll let me know if i was given an interview opportunity soon but thats it so far!
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