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  1. In addition to your hours as a CNA, I think telescribing will be a great addition to your PA school application! Like you mentioned, scribing exposes you to a ton of medical terminology and documentation that you will be doing as a future provider. I was a physical therapy aid at one point and a scribe at another, and I will say that I feel that being a scribe has prepared me for PA school far more than being a physical therapy aid has. I hope this helps! Best of luck You’ve got this!
  2. Just received a rejection letter in the mail after being placed on the waitlist back in July. Congrats to those accepted and best of luck to those still waiting to hear!!
  3. I was also accepted! Best of luck to all of those still waiting to hear! I was told that no news was good news through early October so there’s still hope
  4. Yep! I toured at the end of July and it’s a very nice facility. The faculty seem really nice as well
  5. Yes! There is a thread already started in this discussion
  6. I wish I knew but I have no idea
  7. Received an email earlier today that I was placed on the waitlist. Interviewed 6/24. Best of luck to everyone!!
  8. Heyo! Submitted and verified around mid-May. Has anyone heard back from them?
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