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  1. They mentioned in information session that they plan to start interviews in July, I would think they should start sending invitations soon??
  2. When did you get that email? Better than rejection sounds like Interview waitlist. @sassycow
  3. Just email saying they received application on 6/4.
  4. Submitted! Long waiting game here, mid December they said for invites.
  5. @houpa2023 I submitted already so my application wont let me see options, but if I remember right, you select the course and there was a delete button next the the “ add new course option” it wasn’t inside the edit option.
  6. @houpa2023 you can delete courses that you withdrew from they wont post a grade so wont play into natural science gpa.
  7. Does anyone know the class stats for Wake? I thought Arc-pa requires schools to list them? I can't even see a minimum gpa requirement
  8. @Mjf52 you dont need physics but dont delete it as its used to calculate natural science gpa.
  9. Just received the supplemental, we’re listing every Science course ever taken is that correct?
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