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  1. Hey everyone ! I received an official acceptance last week after interviewing 11/17! I will be declining my seat at the program as I was accepted to one of my top choices. Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone else! It seems like a really great program starting, congrats to everyone joining it!
  2. Received an acceptance email today! Interviewed 10/26 !
  3. Did anyone that was accepted and paid the deposit get any more information after that? I haven’t heard anything since.
  4. Just got a phone call today and received an acceptance! 10/19 interview. They got back so quickly ! So excited and good luck to everyone !
  5. I haven’t heard anything either, I interviewed at the end of august. And I agree I wish we had more information on how that works. I wonder if all 200 of us were also offered “a top seat” haha.
  6. Interviewing 10/19! The email said it’s 3 hours long, is that about right ? I read some of you said it was only 12 minutes. So was most of it just intro to the program, or actually hours of group and 1:1 interviews? Any information on length and format would be great ! And congrats to everyone accepted already !
  7. Do you think being offered “a top spot” on the waitlist is any indication of your position on the list, or does everyone receive the same email?
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