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  1. I believe orientation is the last two days of August with classes starting on Sept 1st
  2. They may be selecting the top applicants from each round of interviews (small amount) then start filling the rest of the class up from the waitlist based off their rankings of the rest of the applicant pool. They probably want to see what each round of interviews offers before just filling it up all the way early. From what it sounds like, there will be many kids who will round out the class from the waitlist, and they may end up drawing even further since every school has applicants who get accepted but end up going to another school. I was fortunate to get an acceptance after the Decemb
  3. For any Current students, do y'all have recommendations when it comes to textbooks? I know a lot of programs recommend different books but then not really utilize them. Was just wondering
  4. Nope. I emailed them about it and the reply I got was sometime around March 15. You can go ahead and send your transcripts to them if you want to get that portion knocked off the list to do.
  5. I may be wrong, first cohort (last year) was 35, this one is suppose to be about 50.
  6. Is anyone going to start a FB group? Just curious, it be nice to start meeting and chatting with other incoming students.
  7. Overall GPA: 3.72 Science GPA: 3.64 PCE: 4500 hours (working in multiple specialties scribing) Volunteering: 150 hours Shadowing: 500 hours Research: 1200 hours As far as the interview, I just tried to be myself and answer questions with confidence. They all want you to do well. Off topic for those who live here locally or go to school here already, any recommendations for areas to live? Starting to look at that already.
  8. Question for those who got an email. Is anyone scheduled for 1:00 interview portion but the schedule attached showed morning hours? Was just curious
  9. I am in group G I interview at 1PM but they sent me the morning schedule for some reason so Im gonna contact them tomorrow. I have already been through one interview, I feel I should do fine with the individual part of the interview but I'm slightly nervous on the group exercise and writing assignment since I am not sure what to expect lol
  10. I don’t know why but I’m a little stressed about the group exercise since I don’t know what to expect. I guess all of us work to solve a problem ?
  11. Live look at all applicants frantically refreshing their emails daily waiting on Tampa interview email
  12. I just wanted to let everyone know, I called earlier and they told me the schedules for the interviews next weekend should be sent out by Friday, or that is the goal at least.
  13. Its killing me waiting to hear back from my interview in November
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