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  1. I’m wondering how it works. If one declines a seat and they contact spot one and they end up declining or don’t respond in time I’m assuming they keep moving down the list?
  2. I received an email today stating I have been waitlisted.
  3. As a current student- What do you love about the program ?
  4. Any current students or alumni that can share what they enjoy the most about University of Tampa’s PA program that’s not displayed on their website?
  5. Great! I will definitely work that in for practice. Thank you again
  6. Thank you Additionally, while familiarizing yourself with the MMI process; did you practice these scenario questions with a colleague - As in the colleague was the interviewer simulating the station? If that makes sense lol.
  7. Thank you for your encouraging words. Through your experience- any advice on the MMI besides practicing?
  8. I haven’t heard anything since August stating my application is being forwarded for full faculty review.
  9. Yes. Around 9:30am and I responded around 12:30 pm the same day.
  10. I tried calling this am and left a VM and sent an email yesterday and still no word. I guess we will hear something when they are back in office 1/4. I did try to click on the date option again in the email and it said that I have already completed the survey or it expired. Given it said in the email that I have until 12/31 by noon to answer; I don't think it expired. But it's hard not to get concerned when you didn't receive a call or some sort of confirmation that you reserved your spot. lol
  11. For those of you that received an interview invite this past week- did Christina reach out to you by phone within 48 hours like the email stated? I followed the directions by completing the survey to reserve my spot for 1/29 this past Monday and it's past 48 hours and the deadline to respond is tomorrow at noon, so I'm kind of getting nervous lol. I know the email stated they'll be back in office by 1/4 due to the holidays BUT it would be nice for a confirmation prior to the deadline to respond. I emailed her so hopefully I will get a response soon.
  12. For those waitlisted- has anyone started reviewing/practicing interview questions? I saw on the website they use traditional and mini interview style. I’ve already read Savannah Perry’s interview guide book and did the worksheets. I guess I’ll practice answering questions geared towards that style.
  13. Wow, I’m kinda beside myself right now. I calmed my brain to wait for the 18th and all this from today has me going nuts lol. So much for restful sleep tonight...
  14. For those that received an invite; what was the date you submitted your app and the date UT confirmed they received it?
  15. I just received my rejection email. Good luck everyone!
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