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  1. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Summer 2022 option is now open on their graduate school application!! Good luck!
  2. I think they just have a general waitlist and will reach out to you if they select you. I don't think they publish your ranking or anything. I'm on the waitlist as well, so still hopeful, but not holding my breath!
  3. Waitlisted! Congrats to everyone that made it!
  4. I interviewed with him and haven’t heard anything yet
  5. I haven't received a follow-up email yet either!
  6. I got an email to interview as well! Applied mid September, I'm super excited!!
  7. I applied early September, and received my rejection via email. It was a relatively generic email, so I think they are probably still reviewing some applicants.. I just didn’t make the cut!
  8. Got a rejection letter today! Good luck to everyone else who applied!!
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