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  1. Out of curiosity, did they call you after they emailed you w a waitlist ranking? Wondering your acceptance would effect other rankings
  2. I haven’t received anything either. I’m assuming that we’ll be re evaluated the end of each month then?
  3. Has anyone heard back from the 12/11 interview? I remember them saying they would let us know by 12/18 before they go off for the holidays
  4. Also interviewed 12/7, haven’t heard anything back yet!
  5. I haven’t either. Someone mentioned they didn’t receive their schedule until the night before at 8:30 pm. But I’m unsure of what’s going on since it’s almost 9 pm. It’s reassuring to know though that I’m not the only one!
  6. Oh dang, but thanks for keeping us updated!! I appreciate it!
  7. Yeah I interviewed 10/12 and still haven’t heard anything back. They said it would take 4-8 weeks and it’s been 8 weeks. I wonder if I should call them or just keep on waiting
  8. Got the application complete email 11/24 and just received an invite for 12/7!
  9. I also applied/verified in mid-July and still haven't heard back. Admissions committee let me know that my application is ready to be reviewed. Y'all aren't alone! Hopefully we hear something soon because I'm surprised on the radio silence so far.
  10. I’m on the same boat as you except I interviewed 9/21...anxiety has definitely kicked in but still trying so hard to be positive. Hopefully we both hear some good news soon
  11. I got my response within two weeks but it was via mail (I was put on an alternate list which is why I was notified by mail). I’m wondering if maybe your letter got lost in the mail? They didn’t give you any answers upon contacting them? That’s weird...
  12. Hey! I just submitted my Mercer CASPA app and was wondering how/when I would be able to access the supplemental application?
  13. Did anyone else get a decision from the 9/21 interview? I know they said 4-6 weeks maybe even 8 weeks but I guess they started releasing some decisions?
  14. Just received an interview invite for 10/12! Submitted and verified 7/13 and out of state. from what I understand, the only interview is the 5 minute flipgrid and then just Q&A w faculty and staff correct??
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