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  1. I didn’t get any email about an open house. I had gone to their information session they had a couple of months ago, so that’s weird.
  2. Same situation except I submitted my supplemental application in July. When I log in the portal it just says my application will be looked at soon so idk . I heard they interview until March
  3. I’m glad you had a favorable experience. Unfortunately it didn’t seem like that for all who interviewed with SCU. Nonetheless, each person is more comfortable with different interview styles. We all just shared our experiences. In the end it’s what the person interviewing feels, not what other people say. So I hope you hear good news from SCU if you haven’t already! In the end we are all trying to be PA students, no matter where we go.
  4. There’s a GroupMe chat if you’d like to join that!
  5. Omg I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience! I personally did not feel like I learned much from the program in the interview or they learned enough about me. They barely spoke about their program, and seems like each person interviewing had a different set of questions which is hard to judge if one person was able to express their personal experience more with traditional questions versus scenario based. Also the fact they never brought up their probation status. If I had your experience I would be extremely frustrated with the whole experience, I personally didn’t like my interview and I
  6. Nope nothing for me. Wasn’t too impressed with the interview so if they don’t accept me that’s ok. Congrats to all those who had gotten accepted already!!
  7. I was placed on the interview waitlist but I didn't recieve a rejection email. Safe to assume it is coming soon? lol
  8. For those who already interviwed, was anyone dissappointed that they didn't really elaborate much about their program or the probabtion status?
  9. I think mine was blind, they really just asked me scenario based questions and that’s really it.
  10. I got asked the tell me about yourself question. I think that’s the only traditional question I got.
  11. Oh that’s interesting I had gotten all ethical/scenario based questions when I interviewed.
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