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  1. I think they may be wrapping up because I also got an email Friday with a seat offer after being on the waitlist for a while. Idk
  2. Has anyone on the waitlist received any updates?
  3. Yeah sorry to give bad news but who knows it's covid times so schools are doing things differently this year.
  4. I spoke to one of the faculty in late December and they said they were done with interviews at that time.
  5. We're not supposed to be sharing that type of information, it wouldn't be fair to others, but Harrogate is very good about giving you information regarding the interview. I believe they will give you more information a few days prior to the interview. Best of luck to you
  6. I also got an email 2 days ago saying I am on the waitlist which I am happy with! I was getting worried. My interview was 11/20. Good luck to everyone on the wait as well
  7. I made up one of them yesterday but I have one more I need to make-up and am just waiting to hear back. I interviewed on Monday.
  8. I also have one more interview to make-up. I made up one yesterday but have not heard back about rescheduling this one.
  9. Yes I haven’t received the email yet either. I’m sure it’ll come tomorrow or Wednesday
  10. I haven’t heard back either, I interviewed 11/20 but why are they just now emailing us about this today?? I’m at work and I guess I’ll have to try to get out early for it. I don’t want to seem disinterested
  11. I interviewed back in August 20th and heard nothing back. I assumed it would be a rejection since it's been so long plus the interview was alright, not a great click for sure. It sounds like they're emailing out letters of waitlist or rejection so I guess I'll email Dr. Reejetha about it!
  12. My guess is we'll have a schedule of allotted times where we interview with different faculty members with large gaps in the schedule. I had an interview like that. Who knows haha
  13. If your interview is in December which I'm pretty sure theyre all in december as of right now, they said in the email they would send out more info regarding the interview a few days prior to the actual interview date.
  14. Interviewed November 20th and have not heard anything back. From what I see it looks like they get back to you within a few short days if accepted. Not getting my hopes up for sure
  15. I was also waitlisted back in early October. There's no ranking to the waitlist so that's good I think right? And yeah my email says final decisions regarding waitlist will be made in April or sooner. Loooong wait but glad I'm not alone!
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