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  1. For those of you that were accepted, what is the tuition deposit and when do you have to submitted them by? I know for the on-campus program it's $1000... just wondering...
  2. It sounds like the person was just salty she didn't get in. She would NOT be a good candidate for a profession that NEEDS collaboration and humility. Until she learns that and grow up to be more mature, which I hope she does, because everyone makes mistakes, then I don't know if she will do well, imo.
  3. This must be one of the most active forums...91 threads already. More than what I've seen in other schools. They must be bombarded with applications this year. Hopefully, they'll find enough qualified candidates that makes them want to increase the number of applicants that they take this year!
  4. I check the 2020 online FB group. There are about 41 people in there right now. Assuming all of the accepted applicants joined and they are expecting a class of 70, that means there is only about 29 spots left!! OMG, good luck everyone!
  5. Hi all, for those of you that received your supplemental. When you said "verified by Touro" was it a separate e-mail that they sent or was it "verified" on CASPA? I never received a separate e-mail from Touro and but was CASPA verified around July 1st. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey y'all, I was offered an interview! so excited! I know they are pretty strict, but I was wondering if those of you that interviewed could share what formate it's in? Was it very formal or informal? I'm asking, because the time that they provided doesn't seem very long...so I'm guessing informal? Sorry if the question is too intrusive! i know they are strict. just want to get an idea. Thanks!
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