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  1. Thanks for the reply about the X waiver! I looked into it but it seemed timely and more than I would need. In searching further, I did find that there are 4 hours of free category-1 CME credit available on the US Dept of Health and Human Services site at this url- https://health.gov/our-work/health-care-quality/trainings-resources/pathways-safter-opioid-use When you've completed the course and take the post-test, it'll send you an emailed link to log in and claim your credit BUT you have to fill out a survey for the credits to show up and for you to be able to print your CME certificate. It
  2. I'm trying to find *ideally* a free, 1 hour session of category 1 CME to satisfy the newer WA state licensing requirement for opioid prescribing. Anyone out there with an online link or suggestion to something that would satisfy the opioid prescribing CME we all need going forward? Even paid CME info for this would be helpful. Just need to get this done Thanks friends!
  3. So is claims made the way to go?@LT Oneal PAC. Thank you both for chiming in!
  4. Hi all, I'm negotiating a contract for employment with a surgical group that is part of a giant corporation. I've been a PA for 10 years and was under the impression that malpractice tail coverage is a must when signing an employment agreement as a safeguard after leaving a job. There is nothing explicitly listed in this contract regarding tail coverage and when I asked if it was provided, this is the response I got back- "I spoke with our Risk Manager who just informed me that you do not need to purchase tail coverage as [the company] and the supervising physicians are the parties named
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