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  1. Does anyone application says incomplete when you click on the eye? After clicking on the eye it says that the application is closed? Do you guys know what that means?
  2. Looking to shadow a physician assistant within Atlanta GA or the greater are within city limits. TIA.
  3. Hey guys, for those that have been accepted into the program what where your stats? Especially what was your GRE score? Thank you.
  4. Hey guys I have a question for you all I plan on applying this cycle and I need to retake A&P 1, do you guys think its best to submit my application now or wait until I am done retaking anatomy 1? Also my CASPA application is already verified but with the old grade I have for anatomy1. What is the best advice you guys have for me?
  5. Curious question How long did it take for them to send a notification out to you guys? Review, rejection, anything. I received this email saying that my application was under review but have yet heard anything back
  6. I just had a very confuse call with the institution on CASPA it states " I acknowledge that in order for EVMS to consider any additional unverified coursework completed after I submit my application and before March 1, the courses must be included on the CASPA electronic transcript and I must submit a transcript from the school directly to EVMS." when I asked how should I submit my transcript the person told me they pull this information from me CASPA application. So my question is, do I need to send in my official transcript to the program? If yes how do I send them this
  7. I am aware that my GPA wont be calculated again. Basically when I submitted my applications and caspa verified my classes. The statistics class was still in progress. From my understanding once I was done with the course I was to send in another transcript for caspa to verify the completed course.
  8. Hey guys. I'm dealing with something here. I submitted recently and got this email Thank you again for your interest in Sacred Heart University’s Physician Assistant Studies program! Upon initial review of your application, you are missing the following requirements: General Psychology (3 credits) Statistics (3 credits) Your application has now been placed on hold. I just recently finished statistics but caspa has not yet verified my transcript yet. As far as the psychology course, I took a human growth and development class. Should that class be able to substi
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