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  1. Yup! You answered my question. Thanks so much!
  2. How long on average does it take to hear back from interviews?
  3. Hi quick question for those who were already accepted In the letter of acceptance it states to send all final and official transcripts to their office. Is this required for students who already finished school and submitted their official transcript to their CASPA? Thanks!
  4. Just got accepted from the 10/28 interview!! Super excited to meet everyone
  5. It is odd that they have taken so long for your group. Every other group I’ve seen in this thread have gotten answers before their 2 week mark.
  6. I interviewed 10/28. Do you think we’ll also hear back along side with you since next Wednesday will be the two week mark? Or do you think ours will be delayed since your group was delayed?
  7. I got the same email with no date. They should give you a date in a few days!
  8. Just got an invitation to interview! Submitted mid-July. It looks like they’re sending out interviews sporadically until December? Good luck everyone!
  9. Just received a rejection email earlier today Good luck to the rest of y'all!
  10. Just received an invitation to interview for 10/28!! If anyone would like to share some insight about their interview experience that would be great! Thanks!
  11. My app was verified 7/18 and have not heard back from this program yet. All I got was that my application was moved forward to the next round for screening but I'm pretty sure this just means that I meet all the pre-reqs to apply?? Just curious has anyone received any rejections yet? Or do they wait until they have a final cohort to send those out? Rutgers is my #1 choice because its where I went for undergrad and its an amazing school. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. I got the my application is on hold email a few days ago too. I asked them about this and they said they review applications which are put on hold each time they do a faculty review. The next one will be after the September 1st deadline. They emphasized that my application is not dormant so here is hoping!
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