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  1. I'm looking into UCSD for anatomy and biochemistry courses. Unfortunately I would have to take both courses at the same time. Based on your experience with this extension school, would it be difficult to take two courses at the same time while working? I work 1 48-hour shift/week on an ambulance so I may be able to handle a heavy course load.
  2. I'm looking pretty heavily at Barton for biochemistry and anatomy. Did you end up taking courses with this college? Their online course flexibility is incredibly enticing and so is their cheaper tuition.
  3. Hey, everybody! Fairly new here. I’ve been scrolling through other threads on this site regarding recommended online schools for prerequisite courses. A few of the threads are extremely helpful but several years old, so I wanted to start a more contemporary thread in case online school qualities have changed or there are any new ones. I’m looking to take biochemistry and anatomy online. Ideally a low price would be great, but a self-paced online course is most important to me considering my current career and associated time restrictions. I’ve been looking heavily at UNE for both courses but have heard mixed reviews. Any recommendations or suggestions based on your experiences, for UNE or others? Thank you so much! Becca
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