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  1. Congrats on getting into your top choice! It's exciting to hear happy stories Can I ask, when did you interview at NSU?
  2. Does anyone know if seats have been filled or are they still interviewing?
  3. Congrats to you guys! I am still nervously waiting! Does anyone have advice about the writing portion? Or about anything else? I really want to go to this school!
  4. Aw that's really helpful! And also a good pep talk!
  5. That's helpful thanks! Any advice particularly about group interviews?
  6. Hi PA Community! I have a zoom interview coming up and I was hoping I could get some feedback about what that experience was like for others, and potential advice or tips. I've had work interviews before, but they were always in person! Also this is the first time I'll be in a group interview as well, and I'm wondering what dynamic that will be like. There's also a written portion of the interview too! Thanks! S
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