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  1. Did everyone get the email that they are canceling interviews, or just ppl who were already invited? The message seemed pretty broad. They also said "this Saturday" but a previous email they sent said their first interview date was Nov 14th so thats a bit confusing
  2. Same here!! But it's been completely silent since I received my acceptance and put down my deposit though.. Not sure if thats normal for PA schools, or if they're just trying to get everything together since it's their first class ever. Still very excited
  3. Oh yeah it’s attached. Thanks!! I’m an idiot haha
  4. Hi everyone!! I’m interviewing Oct 9th but haven’t received the details yet. Can somebody tell me what time their interview was scheduled? I’m trying to plan around some other things and that would be helpful:))
  5. Just put down my deposit! (interviewed Sept 8th, accepted about a week later). I'm really excited for this program and hope they get accredited! :))
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