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  1. I received an acceptance call this past Saturday as well! I’m so excited!!!
  2. Congratulations to the both of you! Do any of you mind sharing your stats?
  3. Hi everyone! I was just checking to see if anyone who applied in August has heard anything? I received an email August 10th saying that they had received my application, but haven’t heard anything since. Just curious if anyone from August has gotten an interview or a secondary review email? Thanks!
  4. Mine posted to MyFSU account that I have because I’m an FSU student. I’m not sure how it worked for those who weren’t students there already. I would send them an email explaining how you haven’t received it yet!
  5. No particular group! I just knew the girl because I went to FSU and I know her from the PA club. It was just her personal page.
  6. So in CASPA your supplemental is that last section that is FSU specific questions. And then I received an email about 10 days after I was verified asking me to pay the $30 supplemental app fee.
  7. I really enjoyed the interview process! Everyone told me to just be myself and I can tell you that it was very true. They just truly want to know you and why you want to be a PA. It was all on zoom and I think the process went smooth. They sent us an email a few days before the interview outlining how they were going to do the MMI.
  8. I interviewed September 21st and I haven't heard anything back yet either. I saw one girl got an early acceptance, but I'm not sure about others.
  9. Thank you! They gave me three dates to choose from and then I replied back on which worked best for me! All of the dates were in September. I chose September 21st.
  10. I am a Florida resident! My stats: Degree: Exercise Physiology at FSU cGPA: 3.96 sGPA: 4.0 PCE: 2800 shadow: 5 volunteer: 50 LOR: 1 PA, 1 nurse manager, 2 professors
  11. Received an invitation for an interview in September! Good luck to everyone interviewing this cycle!
  12. I submitted August 4th and verified August 6th. I got an email stating they received my application and that it was under review on August 12th. I know I submitted late and I just wanted to hear what you guys think my chances are of getting an interview. I know submitting late reduces my chances. I kept holding out for a test date at an actual testing center for the GRE because I didn't like the idea of taking it at home. Turns out I had to just break down and take it at home. I know the odds are probably against me, but I just really really want to get into PA school! This is my first year applying. Degree: Exercise Physiology at FSU (Current: last semester- have to take biochem ugh) Prerequisites: 4.0- Some were taken at a community college that I attended for 2 years to get my A.A CASPA GPA: 3.96 ( I have only ever had one B in my whole life and it was in dual enrollment! I will never forgive myself!) Science GPA: 4.0 GRE: 302 (152 verbal 150 quant 4.5 writing) PCE: ~2,759 hours (1,904 chiropractic assistant, 855 PCA at hospital cardiovascular lab) Volunteer: 77 hours LOR: 2 professors, 1 PA, 1 RN
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