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  1. Hey guys so just to give an update I know of about 2-3 people in our class fb page who are giving up their seats bc they got accepted to another program. The page is sitting at 41 but don’t give up!
  2. As of right now I see 40 people in the accepted fb page - sometime around March they’re going to make us an official one so I can give a more accurate update then
  3. July 26th ish. I decided to decline the interview I have a seat with a program I’m happy with
  4. To anyone who has paid their deposit already- how long did it take to get the official email from admissions along with instructions for deposit/other info? I got the call Jan 8- just nervous about the timeline for submitting the deposit if it’s super quick
  5. Oh you guys are seriously the best. I have been so fortunate to meet so many supportive new friends in this crazy journey!!!
  6. GUYS THEY JUST CALLED ME!!! IM IN IM IN I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS INTERVIEW WAS 12/1 and I am ugly crying I could never in a million years imagine the chance to attend this amazing program
  7. Not really This is all it said Thank you for your application to the TTUHSC PA Program. Please note, our PA admissions review committee utilizes a rolling admissions process in which applications are reviewed in the order of submission. Your application was reviewed by the Admissions Committee and at this time is on hold pending processing applications received before your submission. Admission decisions are made throughout the cycle. We will send updates on admission decisions when additional information is available.
  8. To me it seems like a neutral response that basically says we saw your app - we don't know what to do with you yet - you're not an outright rejection but we are looking at everyone else who submitted before you too vague and anxiety inducing lol
  9. Hey everyone- I also got the same email and applied in July. I’m hopeful that we still have a chance.
  10. Nothing yet but I promise the moment anything comes you guys will be the first to know
  11. just got that "application under review by adcom" email after the interview- so i guess that means waitlist or unknown for right now at least its not a rejection! all i can do is hope and pray for the best possible outcome..
  12. I interviewed today - the final interview dates are 12/8 and 12/15
  13. I just got my interview invitation!!!! Currently in tears it’s Dec 1
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