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  1. How long after your interview did you get the call??
  2. Did anyone get an email to do the interview etiquette and mock interview but not hear back about an actual interview?
  3. I am wondering about this too! When did everyone submit their graduate applications? I was unaware I was supposed to do this and am planning on submitting today.
  4. I would love to know what this is also! I have been waitlisted for a different program.
  5. Not completely sure. I think the last interviews are taking place on September 24th and maybe they will start responding after that.
  6. Hi! Can people that received an interview invite post their stats/ when they were verified. Thanks!
  7. How long was your interview?? I am wondering how much time off work I should take for that day.
  8. Has anyone else heard back about an interview since last week?
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