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  1. I also have been accepted! Good luck to those still waiting!
  2. Good luck to every one! Was great meeting with you all.
  3. I agree, evening works best but I can do earlier if needed.
  4. Where is everyone from nd what re your backgrounds? I'm from Boise Idaho area and work in medical imaging. I have been working in x Ray the last few years.
  5. Hello everyone! I also will be interviewing on Nov. 21. I think it would be nice to meet everyone on the 20th as well! Good luck to us all.
  6. Hey everyone, hope your interviews went great! Any advice for those of us interviewing next month for spokane?
  7. Just received an interview invite for the Spokane interview session on November 21! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Has anyone else received email confirmation that your application was received yet? Mine verified in July but I have not received a confirmation, or a reply to my email asking if they have received it.
  9. Congrats! When did your caspa verify and did you ever get a confirmation email from them about receiving your application?
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