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  1. So, honestly, I really have no idea why they chose me over someone else. My grades and scores and history are all good, but I doubt much different than anyone else's - and I didn't think my interview went superbly (I would give myself a B- on the interview whereas at another school I gave myself an A). I therefore only have speculation but I didn't want your post to go unanswered. So with that here's what I would say: - i didn't take the PCAT and it didn't matter and never came up. that said, next year may be different. i didn't take it because i spent time on other things (e.
  2. Officially accepted and paid my deposit today. Looking forward to meeting you all
  3. Today I declined the acceptance. It seems to me that anyone on a waitlist is plenty deserving and I hope this spot will make someone's day. I have 0 complaints or critiques of UNMC - they are a great school and a #1 choice for anyone.
  4. Would that be our only/best contact point? I cancelled my Facebook a few years ago and I'm not suuuuuper motivated to have it again... but if that's the only real contact point maybe I should
  5. Thank you very much - I really feel great about it Like was said, we have until Dec 22 to officially accept. I am guessing that some of the waitlisted will become accepted by then as people choose schools.
  6. Just received the acceptance 33 minutes ago so decisions are going out!
  7. I had a bit of time and found where they were in that pre-interview video. I'll try and go through my notes to see if I wrote additional stuff down during the interview part. Can you tell me why you're sold on UNMC? I'm sold that they're a great school, but I may have a tough decision and was hoping to hear what someone else thinks about it more specifically
  8. I recall in one of the videos that they sent with the interview acceptance email, they showed the list of all the possible electives. I was going to go back over that this week soon as I had time (likely tomorrow). I'll write them down and post them when I find it. It sounds like for you too it might be decision-time... I applied to two schools and if the other one accepts me too, well, I'll have a real decision on my hands. A good problem to have! Those who are going to pick UNMC over other schools, can you tell me your thoughts on the matter?
  9. i received an acceptance email 14 minutes ago and it included a scholarship with it. so refresh your emails
  10. they said December 4th and tomorrow is that day. good luck
  11. I'm getting antsy too. Not really anxiety, just getting antsy to start making my plans But then i remember their job right now is a whole lot harder than stifling my antsy-ness (antsiness? antsyness? Aunt Sinus??) so then I knock it off haha
  12. Ya I really enjoyed that interview as well. Was easily my favorite one
  13. In the interview today they said Dec 4th is when they hope to send out Acceptances
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