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  1. Just got an email saying I’m on the “interview waitlist”
  2. I applied with the same score and have not heard anything. Everyone that I have seen with an interview or an acceptance has had greater than a 300
  3. Got the acceptance call this morning but will most likely be turning down the offer due to prior acceptance. Hopefully this will open a spot up for someone else!!!
  4. I think if the ones who were accepted decline their seats, they pull from the waitlist!
  5. Just received an email stating I was waitlisted!
  6. Just received a rejection letter, but it’s okay because I was accepted to the Savannah campus! Good luck to everyone!! Don’t give up!
  7. Did they say if they were making decisions today?
  8. Don’t be discouraged, I was waitlisted after my interview but was offered a seat the following week!
  9. They told me I had until October 23 to confirm my interview or they would give it to someone else! Hope that helps!
  10. Yes! So they actually offered me an interview on 9/24! The interviews start in December! I also just toured there on Friday and they are currently building a new college of health sciences building which should be ready by the time we start!
  11. Still haven’t received an email, but I received a letter in the mail today saying I was waitlisted.
  12. Has anyone from the 24th or 25th interview heard anything?
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