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  1. I plan to give up my seat in the next few days.I just got accepted into another program. Hopefully this will make someone very Happy!
  2. I was verified August 17, and invited for an interview last week.
  3. Is San Antonio a rolling admission school?? When I asked them they just said interviews can be extended any time after the application is submitted.
  4. Same. they told me the deposit is due October 5th. When do we have to accept the seat by? Also the 5th?? I have another interview Friday and this determines my decision.
  5. Lol my name is a Star Wars character name. I’m from Tx stats sgpa 4.0 cgpa 3.9 16,000 + pce 100 volunteering 175 shadowing pa at a clinic, hospital and OR 160+ leadership won some awards during my last program
  6. Two programs out of state (applied late August) already called me for interviews. One school literally took a day and another took 2 weeks. So compared to Tx they are fast.
  7. I was verified in August. I feel like I’ll have such a long wait! I have good stats and I’m hoping there are seats left by the time they get to me. It seems like TX is slower at extending interviews than the other programs. Keeping my fingers crossed. Congratulations to the people with interviews!
  8. Thank you and thanks for replying! Just wondering how is the group interview? Do they ask one question and someone chimes in ??
  9. Hi, I have an interview next week, and I was wondering if I am accepted is there a deposit fee to hold my seat. For those that have been selected, what is this fee? thanks!
  10. I emailed the school about Casper and they said to look at the pa admission requirements for what’s needed. There’s no mention of it needed there so it’s not required.
  11. I applied in July. I haven’t heard back, and I think I have a good shot with them. So hoping to hear something soon!
  12. Yes, they do. The man I spoke to said they are just about the only school that does this. It made me feel good. He said they are interviewing the first set of students tomorrow, and it's on a rolling basis. He said I have a very strong application, but I'm sure I won't get an interview until later. I applied last month.
  13. CGPA 3.9 sgpa 4.0 pce 16,000 + shadowing 170 hrs md/pa OR/clinic/hospital 100 hours volunteering at food bank 160 hours of leadership training students my downfall is I applied late July. I hope there’s seats available
  14. I just got the email this morning as well. My interview is via zoom sept 12. Good luck to everyone !
  15. I applied July 21st so hopefully I’ll hear back! I have over 8 years of health care experience as a CNA and then occupational therapist assistant. 4.0 sgpa and 3.9 cGPA. I feel like my stats match people that have been accepted so far. Just waiting til then !
  16. Hi, stats: SGPA 4.0 CGPA 3.9 PCE 16,000 Shadowing PA 170 in OR, clinic and hospital Volunteering 100 Gre-average scores (probably my weak point) Applied in July.
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