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  1. Has anyone heard back about acceptances? I haven’t seen any in this forum yet.
  2. Anyone hear back from the 11/14 interview? They said less than 2 weeks we should all hear back. Just making sure I haven’t missed a call
  3. They asked me a lot of follow up questions. I felt comfortable with the interview and liked the faculty
  4. 3.9/4.0 16,000+ pce 175 shadowing pa/md in or,icu, clinic, acute care 100 volunteer 166 leadership taking on students for my last program
  5. From one of the emails they sent before my interview invite they mention they’d interview until late December. I’m guessing we should hear something before then or shortly after.
  6. Has anyone heard back about acceptances? I hope they select students soon. They’re doing a lot of interviews pretty fast!
  7. Hello, my interview is Saturday. Do we need to add a picture to our zoom meeting profile for the interview ?
  8. I thought the interview process went well, and over all everyone was nice! I think they’re taking their time with applicants. I’ve had 7 interviews so far and accepted into other schools, but I am hoping to get into this program! I will hope for the best for us all!
  9. It was an over all schedule and the day of the interview they give you your interview time and room #. So you’ll be good. I’m sure they will send it soon. :)
  10. During my interview session in the AM there were 12. I’m guessing about the same in the PM. So probably 24 a day to 30.
  11. I think they’re probably comparing the last interview candidates for acceptances. They said they meet weekly and sometimes twice a week. So I’m sure it’s a waiting game until then :)
  12. I was invited to interview on November 14th! Verified July 21st
  13. Just got an interview invite @10pm interview is for november 6th I was verified July 21st
  14. My interview is Monday. it’s my top choice. I’m going to light a candle.
  15. I know there’s 18 in the am. I hope there’s not 18 in the pm. That’s a lot! I wonder how many students are selected per interview day. It’s only the second round of interviews.
  16. They do interviews every 5 weeks. I was part of the sept 18 one
  17. I have an interview for Oct. 19! I am so excited. I submitted in August 14.
  18. And I actually have really good stats 4.0/3.9 gpa with over 16,0000 pce and awards. So idk lol. Oh well, I guess it’s not meant to be !
  19. The PA I shadowed went to this school and my stats are better than his. I got a rejected email this morning. Kind of surprised but maybe other applicants were just a better fit.
  20. Officially gave up my seat. I hope someone gets an acceptance email real soon!
  21. I applied in August. No word from them yet. Maybe they’re sending rejections before extending interviews? Are they rolling admissions??
  22. I hope you get my seat then! I plan to on Thursday.
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