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  1. I withdrew my seat with UNT tonight. I hope one of y’all gets accepted off the waitlist. Best of luck!
  2. I’m definitely leaning that way. I just have to make sure things are set up with a contract I have. April 1st will be the soonest.
  3. I was accepted into my top choice. April I plan to give up my seat at UNT. I hope one of y’all get it!
  4. When I interviewed they asked if I wanted to go to SA or laredo. I told them SA and I picked SA on Caspa.
  5. I was accepted last week from a Nov interview. This is my top pick program I’m declining my other seats from other programs soon. I wish everyone good luck !
  6. I interviewed in November, and I haven’t heard back. I wonder when they will send out rejections/waitlists. Do you know if they completed all the interviews?
  7. Soooo I guess we’re not hearing back by the end of January after all.
  8. I guess we will hear back tomorrow. Enjoy the night until then. :)
  9. No, Just to ignore the clarification email if I didn’t get an email today. So no prior email today
  10. I still haven’t heard from UTRGV. No acceptance, rejection or waitlist. I’m guessing I’ll hear from them tomorrow? Anyone else not hear anything? I still want to decide from this school and another.
  11. I agree if a person wasn’t accepted anywhere else it would be a good idea to accept the interview. It’s better than not being accepted anywhere else. Good luck to you. I’m sure my spot will open up a interview spot for someone !
  12. I got more insight from a current student. It sounds like the program offers less courses and then they interview the student to join the regular PA program. It almost sounds like a trial. I’m going to accept another program I was accepted into.
  13. I haven’t heard back from the regular program. No waitlist or rejection so far, but they said we should know our status by the end of this month.
  14. I prefer the regular paced program as well. I don’t see any additional benefits to the PAEP, but it was pretty vague in the email. I hear very good things about another program I was accepted to. I just would like to consider the valley since it’s closer to home. I don’t plan on taking out any loans. I’ve worked full time to avoid them. An additional year would add additional expenses that are not necessary unless it was a doctorate program. They said attending this interview would not decrease my chances for the regular program for a waitlist or acceptance.
  15. Is there any other benefit from the extended program other than it having a smaller class/slower pace? I don’t want to wait to become a PA and spend more time away from family. Unless there was more of an incentive to complete the longer program like getting a doctorate or more clinical sites. I was accepted to other schools, but the valley is closer to home. I hope I hear back about the regular program or find out more about this extended program.
  16. I got invited for a second interview for the enrichment program at RGV for February. It’s the PA program but longer. I’m not sure if anyone has any insight about this program?
  17. I emailed and asked. I’ll let y’all know if there is a response.
  18. I was accepted from a Sept interview months ago, but I just gave up my seat for a program closer to home. Hopefully someone here gets it! Good luck!
  19. From this forum it looks like no one has heard back. I interviewed early November, and I felt like the interview went well. I think they’re going to keep interviewing and then pick. 100 students is a lot and most schools interview 3-4x as much seats they have to offer. From my email prior to my interview they said they will interview until the end of December, but idk if that’s changed. Who knows. Just gotta be patient for now
  20. I got rejected and I have a 3.9/4.0 gpa with 16,000 pce, and other hours for volunteering/shadowing. I’m actually okay with this because I’ve had 8 interviews and 5 acceptances so far. I don’t think it’s because you’re a foreigner. Maybe they had a specific type of applicant they wanted.
  21. cgpa 3.9 sgpa 4.0 pce 16,000 100 volunteer 175 shadowing or/clinic/hospital pa/md 165 preceptor/leadership verified end of July
  22. I hope we hear back before the end of the year. Vaccinations will be given before the start of 2021 classes for the community and by December for healthcare workers . I’m hoping everything is safe by the time we start classes. I want to be in person.
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