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  1. I withdrew my seat with UNT tonight. I hope one of y’all gets accepted off the waitlist. Best of luck!
  2. I’m definitely leaning that way. I just have to make sure things are set up with a contract I have. April 1st will be the soonest.
  3. I was accepted into my top choice. April I plan to give up my seat at UNT. I hope one of y’all get it!
  4. When I interviewed they asked if I wanted to go to SA or laredo. I told them SA and I picked SA on Caspa.
  5. I was accepted last week from a Nov interview. This is my top pick program I’m declining my other seats from other programs soon. I wish everyone good luck !
  6. I interviewed in November, and I haven’t heard back. I wonder when they will send out rejections/waitlists. Do you know if they completed all the interviews?
  7. Soooo I guess we’re not hearing back by the end of January after all.
  8. I guess we will hear back tomorrow. Enjoy the night until then. :)
  9. No, Just to ignore the clarification email if I didn’t get an email today. So no prior email today
  10. I still haven’t heard from UTRGV. No acceptance, rejection or waitlist. I’m guessing I’ll hear from them tomorrow? Anyone else not hear anything? I still want to decide from this school and another.
  11. I agree if a person wasn’t accepted anywhere else it would be a good idea to accept the interview. It’s better than not being accepted anywhere else. Good luck to you. I’m sure my spot will open up a interview spot for someone !
  12. I got more insight from a current student. It sounds like the program offers less courses and then they interview the student to join the regular PA program. It almost sounds like a trial. I’m going to accept another program I was accepted into.
  13. I haven’t heard back from the regular program. No waitlist or rejection so far, but they said we should know our status by the end of this month.
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