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  1. Is this what everyone is getting? Not selected but placed on alternate list?
  2. I have not heard anything from this program. I submitted early May.
  3. I feel you! Imagine if dont get an interview we wasted our money... and time...
  4. Hey, im haven't heard anything either. I took a class this semester just for this program because they told me I had to repeat it cuz it was longer than 7 years old. I have a feeling that ill get a rejection email
  5. I haven't heard anything. I'm repeating this class because it was longer than 2 years old for this scholarship. I would be so upset if I dont get an interview. But congratulations to those who got interviews. So many out of state. Thats awesome. Wish us luck guys! Still hoping for good news from ANYWHERE!
  6. I haven't heard anything either, no inteview and no rejection. I also applied very early.
  7. Right. Let's hope to get interview invitations today or sometime this week. Good luck everyone.
  8. I also received the same email,.but how are interviews extended through CASPA? did they mean through "email"?
  9. Thats good! Same with me. I applied very early but my under review email but sent to me like in August or something. So this is good to know. Thanks for the update!
  10. I'm in the same boat. Should we call? But I know they will tell us admissions committee doesn't tell front office staff about our application.
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