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  1. I declined my offer at UTSW today. It was not an easy decision, and I hope the next person called up is extremely thrilled! : )
  2. Got the call as well! Thought I was ghosted this whole time. Interviewed what feels like ages ago (10/3/20)
  3. Declined my offer today. Hope the person called up next is extremely thrilled!
  4. Got my acceptance email yesterday after being waitlisted
  5. Not sure if Cornell prefers in-state students but I just got my secondary application today. And I applied pretty early (back in May)!
  6. I submitted my CASPA for Rush on 5/17. Verified on 5/18. Interviewed 7/27. Accepted on 8/4.
  7. Thanks everyone! Definitely a surreal and humbling experience getting an acceptance letter. I'm hopeful you all will get the same experience in the near future. Also, please don't compare yourself with my stats. The admissions committee has a very holistic approach, and more importantly, we're more than just numbers! We have our own unique stories, anecdotes, and journeys towards medicine and the PA profession. Anyways, hope this helps. cumulative GPA: *** science GPA: *** GRE: *** HCE: *** PCE: *** General interview tips: 1) Have solid answers to questions like "
  8. Interviewed on 7/8. Got a follow up email saying I am still under consideration.
  9. Got accepted to the program. Interviewed on 7/27, got my offer on 8/4.
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