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  1. @epark @vvu21 Hi congrats on the interviews! How long after submitting your supplemental did it take to hear back?
  2. I interviewed the first week of November and still haven’t heard back either
  3. Does anyone know about how many candidates are interviewed? It looks like they have taken between 40 and 50 students in previous years based off the website
  4. I still haven’t heard back from my individual interview yet, kinda getting nervous
  5. Interviewing 12/18 - so excited!! I'd love to join the zoom chat
  6. Anyone else find it weird that they’re taking 20 in the class and on the individual interview sign up there’s only 20 spots?
  7. Anyone know about how many will get moved from the group interviews to individual?
  8. Submitted my CASPA app May 26th and the same day I got an email saying my application was screened and remains "active and open" and to "await a follow up message". I have not received an email or call regarding an interview at this time. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Not sure what it means and they are unable to review your individual application with you.
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