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  1. To those who have been accepted I have started a facebook group. It's called "CSS PA class 2023" you'll have to request access to get in. If you want to privately message me on here you can to let me know you have requested access.
  2. I am withdrawing my acceptance due to another offer. Good luck to all on the waitlist!
  3. Has anyone else been accepted? If so, should we start a facebook group?
  4. I just got an acceptance offer, and I was on the waitlist. I plan on accepting the offer.
  5. Yes if someone has started one already or is thinking of starting one, could you please post what the name of it is here. I'm hoping the information we get in January gives us a little more direction on what the next steps are.
  6. I got an email on Friday saying I was waitlisted.
  7. My check hasn't been cashed yet by them either. I emailed Kristie asking her if they have received my check, my acceptance email, and if there is anything else I need to do. Kristie emailed me back saying yes they received my check and email, and as of now I have everything done and they will send more information in January. So maybe try asking if they have received your check and if there is anything else you need to do?? She may respond to that.
  8. Waitlisted too. And yes they do accept people right off the bat, I know someone who got accepted, but they most likely will be declining the offer.
  9. I originally did not. I emailed Kristie in a separate email asking if the received my confirmation email and my check. It took her a few days to reply to my new email. So maybe give that a try.
  10. Just got an acceptance phone call!!!!! Good luck to everyone else!
  11. All that we had to do was wear a mask, if you want to wear a face shield too you can they provide them for you. During large meetings we sat every other chair. COVID didn't really change how they ran things much.
  12. I got an email in September from them saying they won't do interviews and if they need something they will contact you for it. Also, from past forums, they didn't send out acceptance, wait list, or rejection emails until the beginning of December.
  13. I also received a letter in the mail saying I am on the waitlist.
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