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  1. I just turned down the management program so i'm going straight into the PA program at the Winston-Salem Campus!!! So excited! Ill be looking for roomates too when the time comes... insta is sarahmitchell2 and facebook is Sarah Mitchell if anyone wants to connect I have not heard anything either since the deposit, I think they'll send stuff to us in the next month or so
  2. Hi everyone! My names Sarah and I’m from Durham but am currently in Wilmington! I’m so excited to be joining the class of 2023! Still waiting to hear on campus assignment but we’ll see!
  3. Got pulled off the active applicant list today!!! So so excited to be joining y’all. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!
  4. interviewed 10/06 and active applicant list! Not over yet!! Hopefully Ill be able to get off the list and join all you lovely people! So happy for yall that got accepted today!! Congrats
  5. Thank you! I submitted SUPER early May 15th! I finished the CASPer early June I believe. Good luck to you too!
  6. Hi Skylar, My name is Sarah I am also interviewing on 10/06 so excited!! Best of luck to us both! Ill virtually see you there haha
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