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  1. are they practicing rolling admissions? what was your gpa? i know you guys were not suppose to take pa-cat, right?
  2. I bought the practice tests set from exammaster. It's tough, I will take it before september.
  3. Prerequisite Coursework Applicants are required to complete all prerequisite coursework and earn a letter grade of C or better by the end of the spring semester prior to their start of the program. It is preferable that applicants complete all the required prerequisites prior to applying to the program; however, applicants with incomplete prerequisites may apply. Applicants with outstanding prerequisites must state how they will satisfy the prerequisites by the end of the spring semester prior to the start of the program. source: https://shp.rutgers.edu/physician-assistant/mas
  4. Did you apply around the same time last year?
  5. the applications open on April 30 of every year. Why do people wait to submit their applications? What is the best time to apply? I am going to apply for the next cycle.
  6. I am applying for 2021-22 cycle. I graduated recently and don't have any formal work experience. I am tired of applying to jobs, cold-calling clinics and hospitals for jobs. I even offered to work for free. I am licensed (EKG, and phleb) then also I am getting rejected. Nobody wants to hire anymore, they don't even need free services. I am a person of color, I hope that is not the reason.
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