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  1. Not sure, but there are currently 41 people in the facebook group. I know not everyone uses social media, but it might mean there’s a few spots left, good luck!
  2. So a few of the prerequisite courses I did required labs, and were considerably more expensive than UCSD (no lab). I think it depends what courses you still need, but UCSD was the cheapest I could find. I’ve only heard good things about doane, but I’m not sure of their cost. Not sure of your exact circumstances, but would a local community college course be an option for you? I looked into it, it was way cheaper, but I work two 24 hour shifts so it didn’t work with my schedule
  3. Hi! I did genetics through UCSD in the fall and really liked it. Very manageable amount of work, no lab, no midterm/final. Also, opportunity for extra credit. 10/10 would recommend. Also, I did 5 other prerequisite classes online (not UCSD though). First cycle applying and got into my top choice. Good luck!
  4. Just found out I was accepted!!! I’m so grateful I had the chance to meet so many of you guys over zoom. Deposit is due before 2/1/21 if anyone’s wondering. I hope everyone hears some good news soon
  5. I think she said that we’d hear BY January 8th at the latest, but I could’ve misheard that. Also anxiously refreshing my email every 30 seconds lol
  6. Interviewing 12/17 also, hope to meet some of you lovely people then!
  7. Hi guys! I submitted my application on 08/30, verified/under review 08/31 and got an interview invite about 20 minutes ago. Hope you guys get an invite soon
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